The Hawkeyes

Who wouldn’t want to be a Hawk fan? Last season the Iowa Hawkeyes did not lose a single game in the regular season until being beaten by Michigan state in the Big 10 game and to the tough Stanford Cardinals in the Rose Bowl game. The Hawkeyes got off to a quick start this year knocking off the Miami Redhawks with a final score of 45-21. The Hawks, also got a win over a huge rival Iowa State in a blowout game, winning 42-3. DII North Dakota state came into town, and beat the Hawkeyes with a field goal winning 23-21 this past Saturday.

The Hawks, in my opinion, are one of the best teams to watch when it comes to sports. Whenever I have gone to a Hawk game with friends or family and I am watching the game, I can not remember one time where there was not a player that was not going hard. Obviously, everyone makes a mistake once in awhile, however, if you watch they are always going hard. If you go into the wrong gap as a defensive lineman but you are still going hard and maybe get the tackle, the coaches are not going to be as mad as they would if you just let up and did not even make an effort.

I think that they have a really good coaching staff and there are some very talented athletes that you see playing. Special teams people are very talented and they always seem to do their jobs when it comes down to it. The Hawks’ kicker in 2015 Marshal Kane connected with a 57 yard field goal against Pittsburg with 2 seconds left to win the game. When I went to some Iowa games last year, just watching them kickers kick off and kick field goals I knew that if they ever needed someone then the snappers and holder would get the job done. I just loved watching them kick, going back just keep going back further and further to see how far they could go back and still have a lot of control over the placement of the football.


The Iowa football teams trains hard. They have Olympic strength and conditioning coaches: Landon Evans, Ashley Renteria, Zach Warlord, Lindsay Dinkelman, Travis Rutt, Bill Maxwell, Cody Roberts, and Kyle Peterson. These men and women all strive to improve the physical, psychological, and intellectual domains of the training process to ensure our student-athletes are enhancing their ability to cope with stress, movement abilities, and physical powers. They do this to reduce injuries, be and have more efficient movement patterns, heavier loads, faster speeds so that they can out number and be better conditioned than their opponents.

I can not wait to watch some Iowa football games this year. I really enjoy going and cheering on the Hawks!




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