Lisbon Welcomes Kibbie

by Jarryd Bedell

Mrs. Kibbie is a new  teacher at Lisbon High School. She just so happens to be my teacher for this class — Writing for Media.  I got the opportunity to interview her so that you all can “meet” her.  Here are the questions that I asked her:

Where are you from?

Mrs. Kibbie grew up in Mount Vernon and lived there from the time she was in Kindergarten until 12th grade.  She really understands the small town setting.  When she was eighteen, she moved to Iowa City.  She has stayed there ever since.  

Where did you attend college and or high school?

Obviously we know she went to Mount Vernon High School from the last question.  Then she went to the University of Iowa and got her degree in English Education.  

What did you study?

She studied literature, writing, educational research, art and comics. Another interesting thing about her is that she got a minor in theatre.  She loves working with costume design, set tech and especially building stuff.  

Do you have any higher degrees?

Mrs Kibbie got her Masters in Teaching and Learning from U of I by doing night classes at the same time she worked.  She said she just “chipped away at it.”

How did you end up in Lisbon?

She taught middle school for ten years, and really wanted to teach high school students.  This was the opportunity she was looking for.  

What other jobs have you had before you started here?

Just like most kids from Mount Vernon, Mrs. Kibbe worked at Gary’s the last three years of high school.  Then she worked at the food service at the University of Iowa.  She ran the salad bar there.  Kibbie worked in the admissions office, organizing the files and transcripts. She also worked in the summers nannying for two girls.

Can you talk about your family?

Her mom and dad are retired and still live in Mount Vernon.  Her brother is a lawyer and lives in Cedar Rapids. Her husband is also an English teacher and he works at Linn-Mar.  They have been married for 4 years and been together for 7. They have a young daughter Alyssa, who is one year old and goes to LECC during the day when Mrs. Kibbe is at the school.  

What do like most about teaching?

Connecting with students is big perk for her. She loves getting to know them personally.  She like getting to help them with writing and loves to see it improve.  She loves reading literature and talking to people about it.  

Have you had the chance to get involved in or introduce yourself to the community?

Through the blog, she has gotten to know some people. It connects the school with the community.  She also likes to “catch” students doing good things, so she will try to send positive emails home each week.  

How did you get started being a volleyball coach?

First of all she played at Mount Vernon, where they have a strong volleyball program. She coached two years of 8th grade volleyball at Mid-Prairie, so Mr. Ries bugged her until she said yes.  Now she is so glad she did! Her team has a lot of heart and they work really hard.  

Outside of school, what are your other interests or activities?

She loves writing novels and short stories, doing freelance writing, and she also writes for a parenting blog called  She loves to travel.  Last year she went to Lake of the Ozarks and France. She likes cooking, knitting and hunting.  

Overall, I think Mrs Kibbe is a great new addition to our school!  We hope you know her a little better now and maybe you’ll want to stop in and chat with her!!




This is the blog run by the Writing for Media class.

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