Craft How-To: Wax-Dipped Fragrance Bears

by Sydney Bedell

My sister-in-law made one of these for my mom last year for Christmas, and I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! It’s super simple, and you only need a few items. The scent lasts up to two years and they are really easy to take care of. They are nice for house decor, or a great gift for someone. If you aren’t a person who is good with step by step directions and need a better explanation, here if you prefer to watch a video instead! I hope you enjoy this how-to!

Materials needed

  • 1 stuffed bear (any color)
  • 1 lb of wax
  • 1.5 ounces of fragranced oil liquid
  • Dye (optional, recommended for darker bears)
  • Double boiler or some other method of melting the wax
  • Pair of tongs
  • Drying rack
  • Kitchen fork
  • THICK rubber gloves
  • Cooking sheet


  1. Melt wax, once wax is melted, add fragrance and stir well
  2. After wax is melted, unplug the cooker to not exceed 200ºF. If wax is too hot the bear may shrink, or be damaged in other ways.
  3. Using a pair of of tongs dip and roll the bear in the wax for 2 mins or until saturated
  4. Using the tongs remove the bear from the wax, and with thick cloves squeeze out excess wax.
  5. Immediately  use a fork to fluff the hair; if your bears hair is longer this process make take more “combing”. This process must be done before the wax has started hardening
  6. Let bear get cool to the touch, move to a cooking sheet (at this point you can mold the bear to whatever position you prefer)
  7. Let set for 2 hours to completely dry.
  8. If you plan to make this a gift for someone simply wrap it in some plastic wrap, stick the wrapped bear into a gift bag!

Notes:  If you don’t have a professional setup to melt the wax, you can use several methods found in your kitchen.  You can use a double boiler, or boil water in a larger pot with the wax melting in second smaller pot inside the first.  This method heats the wax to 212°F so let it cool slightly before dipping.  Other methods include turkey roasters, deep fryers and crock pots where you can choose the desired temperature.  Start slow and increase the temperature in increments for best results. Another side note, this can be done with any type of stuffed animal! Also while making this product, remember: the less fragrance, the weaker the odor and it does not last as long.



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