I’m Pumped about the iPhone 7!

by Jarryd Bedell

The new iPhone 7 is likely to unveil on Wednesday, September 7th. The unveiling is happening at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  Maybe you wonder what to expect from the new iPhone. It is said to have a larger and much better camera and it will have no headphone jack.

The new camera on this phone is rumored to have better low light capabilities and can take much sharper images.  If you’re friends with me on facebook you know that I got those selfies and you be likin’ them! The new camera will enhance my beautiful face.

The storage capacities will range from 32GB to 256GB. How would one person use that much storage!? I’m trying to figure out how many pictures that would be…. Roughly 16,128 pictures, so Snap away folks. Now I will try to take a lot more selfies ;).  Not only will they look better, but there will be SO. MANY. OF. THEM.

Apple is in discussion about adding a new water-resistant feature. You hear stories of people dropping their phone in the toilet or into a pool or a 42 ounce big gulp. Personally I don’t get near water with my phone, but with the new iPhone I will be able to. Now I’m going diving with my phone. Wouldn’t it be cool if I took a selfie while swinging over the river on a rope swing?! The possibilities are endless. You could do water polo with your phone in your pocket. Water Skiing. Jet Skiing. Motor Boating.

They are going to have improved stereo speakers and more battery capacity. Now I can jam to my Justin Moore songs while I’m in the shower. Hopefully the music will be loud enough to drown out my singing. With more battery you could go for days without a charge. You could go camping for a month without needing a charger. It is said to have 3 times the battery capacity of the iPhone 6 so you’ll be good to do whatever you want for as long as you want.  Just don’t get lost. Get away. I know this guy will for sure.
The iPhone 7 will have a new pressure sensitive home button. No more double clicking to close apps. You just press and hold down the home button and ta da! You can close all your unused apps. If you were to leave all your apps open it would drain your battery so fast.  Oh wait, the battery is bigger, so in that case, no worries!



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