Missing Loved Ones: Iowa Disappearances

More than 800,000 people go missing nationwide every year. Almost half of that total are children. Please visit https://iowacoldcases.org/missing-persons/  to learn more about these and others disappearances. This site will give you contact information about what to do if you have any leads to finding these people. Find justice for them and their families!

William Francis Rogers


William Francis Rogers, 46 of North English Iowa, disappeared after a fire had burned  his home in Keokuk County, Iowa in 2001. Rogers is caucasian white, 5’8 and weighs 160 pounds. He has hazel eyes, but his left eye has a green hue to it. Rogers is balding but has black hair, and may have a beard, mustache, or goatee. Rogers’s nickname is Bill. Rogers was last seen wearing a tan jacket, a “Comfort Inn” T-shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes.

Crystal Ann Arensdorf


Crystal Ann Arensdorf, 21, of Dubuque, Iowa was last seen July 4th, 2001 at Knicker’s Saloon in Dubuque. Arensdorf has strawberry blonde hair, brown eyes, 5’6 and weighs 115 pounds. Arensdorf disappeared after leaving Kicker’s Saloon and heading to 2186 Central Avenue bar leaving behind her car, her keys, and her money. She was last seen wearing blue tinted contact lenses, a white polo t-shirt, tan shorts, black sandals, a gold chain necklace with an opal pendant finger and toe rings, and has a mole near her navel and her ears are double peirced. Steven and David Peacock, brothers from Dubuque who resided to Wisconsin after Arensdorf’s disappearance, saw her at the bar on July 4th. Further investigations took place but the brothers where never charged in connection with Arensdorf’s case. 

Breiton Scott Ackerman


Breiton Scott Ackerman, 4 yrs old, of Sioux City Iowa, was last seen with his family near Willow Creek bridge in Alton, Iowa on May 22, 2005. Breiton was fishing with his family when his father lost sight of him between 3 and 4 p.m. At the time Breiton went missing he was wearing a green tank top and denim shorts. Breiton is caucasian, has sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, is 3’0” and weighs 40 pounds. Divers, dogs, helicopters and heavy equipment scanned the area again and again, but found nothing. 

Erin Kay Pospisil


Erin Kay Pospisil was last seen June 3, 2001. The last person to have heard from Erin was her brothers friend Padgett, who had given her a ride to a friends Brit’s house. When she arrived at Brit’s she went up to the door and nobody answered. When Erin turned to head back toward Padgett’s truck, an early ’90s model black Chevrolet Cavalier with tinted back windows pull up to the curb behind Padgett’s truck. Padgett  told investigators that Erin had a brief conversation with the people in the Chevrolet, then told him that she would get a ride from them. With Erin the the backseat of the black Cavalier, Padgett took off. Further investigation into Erin’s case revealed that nobody else had seen the black Cavalier or Padgett’s pickup truck the night that Erin went missing.

Again, if you have any information about these missing Iowans, please come forward. 

by: Sydney Bedell



This is the blog run by the Writing for Media class.

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