Fashion: Hottest Looks for the Fall this School Year

Fall is right around the corner! School’s in session and you need the perfect outfit ideas to wear! This blog post is all about fall fashion so if you’re looking for some ideas on how to look great these first few months of school, stay tuned!

Fall can be quite chilly, but not as cold when the snow is falling in winter. Colors I would recommend during the fall time would be dark or natural colors. For example, reds or maroon or a burnt orange, beige or nude, browns and olive green, and of course white and black. Try and use the colors you see on fall leaves! Patterns are always a nice touch as well! Plaid is very popular during the fall. Find yourself some nice plaid flannels for women and men to go with your outfit!

GIRLS: I would recommend skinny jeans or maybe leggings and cute t-shirt. You can always bring a jacket or a sweater when you are cold! For shoes I would say flip flops or if it’s more cold out, boots or sneakers. If you wanted to add accessories, you could always do a scarf, jewelry, or like I said, a jacket/sweater.

BOYS: I would say jeans with a t-shirt and maybe a jacket or sweater to go with as well. Shoes could be sneakers, nice shoes, or your favorite kicks. Accessories you could have would be a watch, hat, or the jacket/sweater.
Want something that fits your style more? Visit this quiz and find out what’s best for you!

Written by Rachael Tenley



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